How to become a real estate expert?

Published on by Luther Ragsdale

One of the frequently asked questions that real estate mogul Luther Ragsdale receives by email is how to become an expert real estate agent. But, what these real estate agents really want to ask is how to get more sales and increase their commissions.

Still, Luther Ragsdale acknowledges that the way they ask the question is encouraging, since it entails the assumption that it is necessary to improve to sell more and do better. "How can I become an expert real estate agent and thus improve my financial situation?" This is the actual question behind the initial question.

The answer is not easy to give. Or rather, it is not easy to convey with the right words so that it is well understood and assimilated. Giving advice is easy, but giving great advice is not so easy. Let's see if Atlanta real estate pro Luther Ragsdale can give a clear answer to this frequently asked question: what should I do to be to earn money and be good at what I do.

The first thing we should think about is training and specialization. The real estate sector is wide and encompasses so much more than selling houses.  Having worked in this sector for several years does not necessarily make you an expert in anything. Experience is a degree and must be valued. However, that experience must transmit to others that you master your profession.

An expert masters a certain field or activity better than others. If there is one thing that defines the expert real estate agent well, it is that he is aware that he still has to learn and the learning will never end. Becoming an expert at something is relatively easy. Staying an expert in one area of ​​the real estate sector is the difficult part.

An expert agent has invested time in real estate training. This is the first and best recommendation Luther Ragsdale can give you. Having worked for years in the sector does not give you the right to call yourself an expert. Well, you can call yourself "the King of the Real Estate Mambo", if you wish;. Another thing is whether you are perceived as such.

You are not an expert because you say so; you are because your new and old customers perceive it that way. Being said by your colleagues makes you feel good, but the ultimate test is that your clients say so. Having said the above, it must be recognized that it is the colleagues of the profession, your competition, who are better qualified to say whether you are an expert or not. Although it is the clients that make it profitable for you to be an expert. Being popular is fine, but making money is better.

How many real estate agents are there in the market that have not evolved, have not progressed and continue to use outdated negotiation and recruitment techniques? How many of these call themselves experts? Too many sadly. They continue to sell real estate as self-proclaimed expert real estate agents, but they do it with more and more effort. Those real estate agents who mistake years for wisdom are the ones who tend to transmit bad habits, personal frustrations and a concept of the real estate sector that does not adjust to reality to the new agents who come to the industry.

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